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Vive la Liberté.

How we are so deceived
by this title of anonymity
for what we truly want to believe
is in the right to Autonomy.
It is for the will to be Free
that men of past strove to conceive
a society for man to be

It still, and will always remain, within the power of the individual to change the world and society around them. Society, and its function, is but the sum of every individual mind. In order to harness this capability of change, it must be that the communication of thoughts and ideas remain unhampered by any forces of government, or of the individual. Of these including, and burdens of the mind that liken themselves to: discrimination, prejudice, and unchecked ideology. The greatest threat to individual power, and the most grievous lobotomization of the mind, is the suspicion of ill-will in the mind that holds differing ideas, thoughts, and opinions. It is only through rigorous exploration, and not through inference, that concepts may be found fallacious or ill-conceived.

It is only through trust in the minds engaged, that this thorough exploration can be accomplished. It was of this trust, and that the community of Free Man is of good-will, that the concept of America was borne.

It was through the reasonable suspicion that any institution that is granted power over Man and is susceptible to the constant desire to usurp further power from Man, that the Magna Carta, the United States Constitution, and many other Democratic charters were conceived.

If we may surmise the cause of war, strife, and economic uncertainty, it may be that of the disillusionment of trust and community with fellow Man, and the vulnerability it opens to those usurpers of independent Liberty.

The echoed warnings of the past never falter in their magnitude. It is in the interest of the fundamental rights of Man that we diligently heed these warnings. Carry yourselves not in defiance of perceived tyranny, but in constant vigilance to Liberty. Express your ideas with peaceful and confident poise, and attempt to understand the ideas of others who are capable of the aforementioned trust. With careful communication of these concepts, so that the recipient may accurately understand, it may become apparent that these beliefs are contagious. No display of force exists that can stop the spread of True and Just ideals. This is the task at hand.

Through no show of force,
through no act of war,
can all of Man be free.
Over no such ideals
is there power to wield;
thus is the cause of Liberty.

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